European Staff B.V. (ES B.V.) is a Dutch affiliate of OOO Мanaging Сompany Regional Consulting Center (RCC) and its representation office in Europe.

It is a part of international holding structure, created with a purpose of international expansion of MC RCC business and penetration to new markets all over the world.

ES B.V. offers to international clients a unique and competitive solution for a shortage of high-level engineering professionals and qualified construction workers in the form of over 2,500 highly skilled specialists in the fields of IT, oil extraction and processing industry, machinery and aircraft-building, welding and power engineering, foundries and radio-electronics, sourced from all areas of Russia and former CIS countries for both onshore and offshore projects.

ES B.V. also delivers medical personnel (nurses) and blue collar workers (oil platform workers, welders, turners, CNC operators, metalworkers etc.)

For certain industrial projects ES B.V. is interested to bring to Russia highly qualified managers and engineers from Europe.

With offices located in Amsterdam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Novosibirsk and Samara, the holding has provided professionals to international leaders in Russia, Far East and Europe. The coverage of the Russian market was further extended by establishing strategic partnerships with more than 200 local recruiting agencies.

ES B.V.’s dynamic quality derives momentum from an outstanding multilingual, multicultural management team representing a variety of multidiscipline expert skills and a wide range of operational experience.

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